I made tremendous positive changes if my own life and this is how I know that I can help you improve yours. My starting point in life was the exact opposite of what one might call a trampoline for success and my path was a steep and rough climb out of the oppression and poverty of a Communist dictatorship, away from family abuse and social oppression and beyond the life threatening sentence of cancer.

Today, I am proud of having turned my passion for self-improvement into a growing business. I built a happy and supportive marriage with a person that I consider my best friend and a social circle of kind, virtuous and mindful individuals who share my values and encourage me to be the best version of myself.

I left home and climbed my way up as soon as I turned of age and I had to rediscover and reinvent myself along the way many times. In my 20’s I freelanced as a performer and an artist across Europe, the US and the Caribbean achieving the dream of my youth of traveling the world, exploring new cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life.

I started my first company in my 30’s and I grew my business to five time its size in under four years. I won a personal battle against cancer and, shortly after my recovery, I founded RTLC.

I am a certified professional coach, an avid student of philosophy and economics and my coaching style is a reflection of the knowledge that I accumulated through study as well as from overcoming the great challenges of my life.

I am, an entrepreneur, a lover of reason and knowledge and my success is the product of my self-coaching.