RTLC offers a free introductory session to all its new clients. This will allow you to get to know your coach and to better understand the RTLC approach to the coaching process.

This introductory session is an opportunity for your coach to get an accurate view of your current situation and to start putting together a coaching plan should you decide to commit to the process.

To begin, please complete the New Client Intake Form below. Your coach will contact you within 48h to set up a date and a time that is most convenient to you for your free Introductory Session.

How it works

Our Skype option allows you face to face time with our coach regardless of your location in the world. As long as you have a decent Internet connection RTLC will be able to reach you.

Most of our clients are located in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia but we have been able to accommodate traveling backpackers, truckers and sailors. We will work with you around your schedule and time zone for each booking.

We recognize that you are the expert of yourself so you will be the one that will set the pace of your coaching sessions. However, we usually recommend a more accelerated pace in the beginning with the session frequency decreasing from weekly to monthly.

If at the end of this free introductory session you will decide to commit to a coaching process, the fee for a single session will be $50. This will guarantee you a minimum of 60 minutes face to face time with our coach.

If you are part of the FDR, Liberty.me, Bitcoin or other liberty-minded community RTLC is happy to offer you a 10-20% discount depending on the type of coaching process needed and the level of involvement that it requires from our coach.

RTLC offers support in between sessions through email, SMS and, when necessary, emergency calls.

Phone or email options are available for your sessions upon request.

If you are happy with your coach, make sure to recommend her to your friends and send her a testimonial.

Rescheduling & Cancellation