Contrary to what many people believe, life-coaching is not psychological counseling, consulting or mentoring.

Just like a sports coach pushes an athlete to achieve greatness, a life-coach will push you to achieve success. The difference between a sports coach and a life-coach is that the former aims at changing behavior while the latter is simply an expert in the behavioral changing process.

A good coach helps you in the transition process from stagnation to achievement always giving the power back to you. As coaches, we know that you are the real expert of yourself and that only you know precisely who you truly are and what you desire.

Your coach will help you envision and clarify a clear goal, draw a plan of action and then help you identify and overcome potential roadblocks. We will hold you accountable but we never forget to celebrate your achievements with you.

The coaching process does not focus on the past but on what’s going on right now in your life. Your coach will help you focus on your choices and the great influence that they have on your life.

By raising your awareness regarding your every day choices you will learn how to make better ones that will bring about better outcomes. Your coach cannot tell you what those choices should be, instead she will teach you the process of making good choices and will show you how to identify the most important ones that will have the greatest impact on your life.

Your coach will help you organize your thoughts, separate the false beliefs from reality and help you learn the process of turning your passions and your dreams into action. Our goal is to stimulate a thought-provoking and creative process within you and pull you out of your comfort zone in order to achieve much more than you ever thought you could.

We aim not to direct but to incentivize, not to influence but to support, not to advise but to stimulate in order to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Life-coaching is an effective method for creating positive change in all aspects of your life. Your goals can vary a great deal. Some people aim at improving their personal and intimate relationships or their social skills. Some want to get rid of stress, achieve personal growth, improve their health, their confidence or learn how to balance their work and personal life. Others might want to focus on things like time management, entrepreneurial development, career planning or financial growth.

Whatever your goal is, a life-coach can definitely help you with any change that you decide to make in your life.

Remember, we are friendly but we are not your friends. We will hold you accountable and we will constantly challenge you to grow. We will push, pull and stretch you in ways that, at times, might be uncomfortable but we do this only because we know that you are capable of more than you think you can do.

Professional life-coaching does not offer spiritual guidance and will not help you “harness the energiesof your chakras, your soul or the universe. We are practical, rational and business oriented people. We do not teach you how to chant, meditate, pray or light incense. We want you to have tangible results that can only be produced by stimulating and growing within you a clear and rational thinking process.

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Life is incredibly short.